Grove TSO Articles
Grove manufactures wheel and brake assemblies that meet or exceed FAA-TSO standards.

All of our FAA TSO-C26d certified wheel and brake assemblies have been tested to the rigorous requirements of ARP-5381.

We design, test and manufacture all of our wheel and brake assemblies "in-house", enabling us to produce FAA approved articles in a very short time period.

This gives us the advantage of being inovative and to quickly produce FAA certified articles that uniquely meet a manufacturers requirements.

If you have a need for a FAA-TSO approved wheel and/or brake assembly, give us a call. We will be happy to help you.

TSO Wheel Assemblies
TSO Wheel Click here
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TSO Approved Wheel and Brake Assemblies

TSO Wheel Assembly tests include:

  • Limit radial static load test at 153% of rated static load
  • Ultimate radial static load test at 266% of rated static load
  • Overpressure test at 350% of max rated wheel pressure
  • Roll test of 1,000 miles at full static load &110% wheel rated pressure
TSO Brake Assemblies
TSO Brake Assembly Click here
for a list of our TSO Approved Brake Assemblies

TSO Brake Assembly tests include:

  • 100 stop design-landing tests - kinetic energy
  • Structural torque test of 150% max actual torque
  • Overpressure test at twice max rated pressure
  • Caliper endurance test of 100,000 cycles at design rated
    landing pressure and 5,000 cycles at brake rated max pressure