If your aircraft is fitted with B.F. Goodrich/Hayes Models 840 or 841 four inch wheels and you want to
end expander tube brake problems forever!...our STC for
disc brakes may be your answer.

First click here to see if you aircraft is listed on our FAA-STC approved model list.

If it is not, you may still be able to get FAA field approval using our STC data and PMA parts.

FAA Advisory Circular 23-27 gives more information on this. A pertinent section is printed on the right side of this page.  To read the entire AC click here.

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Advisory Circular 23-27 Paragraph 7c(4)

You may use previously approved (per STC or field approval) part/material substitutions on like-type aircraft. If the part/material is installed with previously approved parts or material, PMA, technical standard order (TSO), NAS etc., and if it is completed in a similar manner consistent with a previous field approval or STC, you may use those approvals as the basis for approval on your aircraft. However, if you want to use a previous field approval or STC as the basis for approval on your aircraft, you must have all the previous field approval or STC data, including any instructions for continued airworthiness, or develop any missing data through support from an appropriately authorized DER or ACO approval and permission from the STC holder (14 CFR parts 21 and 91, §§ 21.120 and 91.403(d)).