The following Aircraft Models are FAA-STC approved for Grove Aircraft 76002 Disc Brake modification:
J3C (All models including Army and Navy versions) J3C-40; J3C-5O; J3C-50S; J3C-65 (Army L-4, L-4A, L-4B (Navy NE-1), L-4H, L-4J (Navy NE-2); J3C-65S Cub A-691
J3F (All models including Army L4-D) J3F-50; J3F-50S; J3F-60; J3F-60S  (Army L- 4D); J3F-65; J3F-65S Cub A-692
J3L (All models including Army L4-C) J3L; J3L-65  (Army L-4C); J3L-65S; J3L-S Cub A-698
J4 (All models) J4; J4A; J4A-S; J4E  (Army L-4E); Cub Coupe A-703
J5 (All models including AE-1, HE-1, and Army versions) J5A (Army L.4F); J5A-80; J5B  (Army J-4G); J5C; Cruiser A-725
J4E and Army L-4E J4E; Army L-4E Cub Coupe A-740
PA-11; PA-11S;  PA-11; PA-11S;  Cub Special A-691
PA-12 and PA-12S PA-12; PA-12S; Super Cruiser A-780
PA-14  PA-14 Family Cruiser A-797
PA-15 PA-15 Vagabond A-800
PA-16 and PA-16S PA-16; PA-16S; Clipper 1A1
PA-17 PA-17 Vagabond A-805
PA-18 and PA-19 (All models including Army versions) PA-18; PA-18  “105”  (Special); PA-18  “125"  (Army L-21A); PA-18  “135"  (Army L-21B); PA-18  “ 150"; PA-18A; PA-18A   “135 "; PA-18A  “150”; PA-18AS  “125”; PA-18AS  “135"; PA-18AS  “150 ”; PA-18S; PA-l8S  “105” (Special); PA-18S  “125"; PA-18S  “135”; PA-18S  “150” PA-19 (Army L-18C), PA-l9S Super Cub 1A2
PA-18A (Restricted) (all versions) PA-18A  (Restricted); PA-18A  “135” (Restricted); PA -18A  “150" (Restricted); Super Cub AR-7
PA-20 (all versions) PA-20; PA-20  “115”; PA-20  “135"; PA- 20S; PA-20S  ”115”; PA-20S  “135" Pacer 1A4