A PMA article has Parts Manufacturers Approval from the FAA. What this means is that the approved article has met the FAA requirements for installation on a certified aircraft without further FAA approval.

PMA articles are authorized as a replacement part only for those specific aircraft listed on the PMA Supplement. Clicking on the Part Number in the chart on the right will link you to a page listing all eligible aircraft for that particular part.

An article that has PMA can be installed on a qualified certified aircraft with only a log book entry, signed by an authorized person such as an A&P,or agency such as a repair station.

Aviat Husky 682-521 Brake Master Cylinders for A-1, A-1B, A-1C-180 and A-1C-200
Maule 670-5 and 676-10 Brake Master Cylinders - for most models
Piper 40-208 800x4 Wheels for Cub type aircraft
Piper 5514 Round Axle nut for aircraft with 1-1/4" axles
Piper 007-002 Brake Line Assembly for Grove STC SA02525LA
Various 066-001 Brake Lining Rivet
Various 066-105 Brake Lining
Various 066-106 Brake Lining
Various 066-108 Brake Lining