Landing Gear and Axle Installation Instructions for the Kitfox Model III& IV
Landing Gear Installation Instructions
Refer to the above drawing
  1. Verify the contents of the kit per parts list and installation drawings.
  2. Install the four -9 roll pins into the pre-drilled holes on the front and rear of the top flat of the gear until they are seated at the bottom of the holes.
  3. Attach the -5 brackets (right & left) to the -16 landing gear clamps by inserting the -7 bolts and -6 washers through the counter bores of the -5 brackets and attaching the -6 washers and -15 nuts finger tight. Be sure that the 93° angled end of the clamp assembly is facing forward.
  4. The gear attaches to the forward float fitting and forward landing gear fittings.  Check-fit the gear assembly to the fuselage and adjust the -5 brackets as required for proper alignment with the attach fittings.  Tighten the -7 bolts and -15 nuts to 125 in-lb.
  5. Attach the gear assembly to the fuselage using the four -1 bolts (heads always outboard), the eight -2 washers, -3 shim washers as required, and the four -4 nuts with -11 cotter pins.
NOTE: Some fuselages are not totally symmetrical so minor filing may be required on gear fittings to obtain optimum fit
Axle Installation Instructions
Refer to the drawing below
  1. Mount the axles as shown on the axle installation drawing below, using supplied AN4-14A bolts, AN960-416 washers, and AN365-428 nuts.  Torque nuts to 60 in-lbs.
  2. If you are using the 8" ATV wheel you need the 5011 axle.
  3. If you are using the 6" Matco wheel, you need the 5012 axle.
  4. Use your existing bolts and nuts to mount the brake calipers.

Brake-Line Installation Instructions

  1. Blow high pressure air through the brake lines to clean out all the machining chips and debris.
  2. Install the brake fittings using teflon PASTE as a sealant. DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE!
  3. Make the lower brake hose long enough to go from the bottom of the gear to the top of the caliper.  This will allow the caliper to float properly.
If you have any problems please feel free to contact us.