NOTE: Due to production challenges, we are not accepting any new landing gear orders at this time.
When you provide us with the information on the Landing Gear Layout Sheet, we will be happy to respond with design, price, and availability information. To help us design your gear, we need to know the following:
Material Width and Thickness: We use aircraft grade 7075 aluminum heat treated to T6 specifications for most light aircraft applications. The width and thickness of the material determines the spring rate and ultimate strength. It is important that these values be properly chosen. If you are retro-fitting or replacing gear to fit an existing dimension, please give us that information. Otherwise we will recommend material width and thickness appropriate to your aircraft based on its gross weight, wing loading, and gear geometry.
Flat Width: This is the upper flat portion of the gear, measured from inboard edge of the upper bend radius to the inboard edge of the other upper bend radius. Typically this is the distance between the outside of the longerons where the gear attaches to the fuselage.
Overall Width: This is the overall outside gear width unloaded (not installed on the aircraft). We can give you an approximate overall dimension with the aircraft at full gross weight if you wish.
Height to Axle CL: This is the distance measured vertically from the top of the landing gear to the center of the axle. This is also measured in the "unloaded" condition and will decrease slightly with aircraft loading. We can also give you an approximate value for this at full gross weight.
Camber: If you know what value you desire, let us know. Otherwise we will compute the recommended camber for your gear based on material width and thickness, gear geometry, and aircraft weight.
Axle Holes: Do you want us to drill holes for your axles, or do you want to do that yourself? We can drill axle holes for most popular axles, or none at all—just let us know. Click Here for more information on standard axle bolt hole patterns
Gundrilled Brake Line Holes: We can drill a hole through the interior of the landing gear to be used as a brake line. Many people find this a convenient way to eliminate brake lines that run down the gear leg. The increased aesthetic and protective values are a good investment. The additional price for gundrilled brake lines is $300. Another alternative to exposed exterior brake lines is to groove the trailing edge of the gear to receive the brake line. The additional price for grooved trailing edges is $200. Click Here for more information on gundrilled brake lines.