Axle Shims — Reduce Tire Wear
and Improve Ground Handling

Toe-In or Toe-Out Realignment Shims

Install these axle shims between your landing gear and axles to insure that your tires track true.
Correct any misalignment of toe-in or toe-out in 1/4° increments.

CORRECTION Type 1 Axle Type 2 Axle
1/4° P/N 6101-1 P/N 6102-1
1/2° P/N 6101-2 P/N 6102-2
3/4° P/N 6101-3 P/N 6102-3

Camber Adjustment Shims

Adjust the vertical alignment of your wheels with these camber adjustment shims.
CORRECTION Type 1 Axle Type 2 Axle
1/2° P/N 6201-2 P/N 6202-2
P/N 6201-4 P/N 6202-4
P/N 6201-8 P/N 6202-8

Precision machined from 2024-T3 aluminum.
Price: $33.00 each

Shims for Type 1 axles are typically used for 500x5 wheels, and
Type 2 for 600x6 —
but not always.

Click here
to see what type axle pattern you have.

How to Select the Proper Axle Shim

1. Support the aircraft in level flying attitude.

2. Chalkline the center-line of the aircraft onto the floor. Do this by connecting a mark on the floor from directly beneath the center of the firewall (use a plumb-bob) and from directly beneath the center of the tail (also using a plumb-bob).

3. Place a straight edge (36" typical) against the outside of the tire. It should be parallel with the floor and approximately centered on the wheel.

4. Make a mark on the floor directly beneath each end of the straight edge. Use a plumb-bob or square for this.

5. Measure and record distances "A" and "B" in inches to an accuracy of two decimal places.

6. Calculate the angle for the correction shim by entering your measured values for Distances "A", "B" and "D"below into the form below..

Dist. "A": inches     Dist. "B": inches     Dist. "D": inches