Grove G-8 Series Wheels & Brakes 800x8 Wheels
These 8 inch tubeless wheels are specially designed for the large diameter Desser 27.5x10-8 4 ply Aero Classic Tundra Tires.

Rugged 8" wheels and brakes have a large diameter brake disc that provides the extra stopping power required for large diameter tires, even with the original Cub Scott master cylinders.
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Black anodized for corrosion protection
  • Static Load Rating: 1,250 lbs.
  • Kinetic Energy Rating: 247,000 ft-lbs.
  • Wheel Weight: 10.6 lbs.
  • Caliper Weight 3.0 lbs.
For aircraft with Cub type 1-1/4" axles
    Static Load Rating: 1,250 lbs
    FAA-TSO Kit includes:
    2-P/N 80-1007 TSO wheels
    2-P/N 29-1040 TSO brake assemblies
    Kit No. 28-1022 — $3,095.00
For aircraft with 1-1/2" axles
    Static Load Rating: 1,800 lbs
    FAA-TSO Kit includes:
    2-P/N 80-1008 TSO wheels
    2-P/N 29-1040A TSO brake assemblies
    Kit No. 28-1023 — $3,095.00
Complete your installation with a Desser 27.5x10-8 4 ply Aero Classic Smooth Tubeless Tire which stands 27" tall and weighs in "featherlight" at 20.5 lbs.
These wheel and brake assemblies have been tested to, and meet the rigorous standards of FAA-TSO-C26d and are
FAA-TSO certified. However, for installation on certified aircraft, futher FAA approval, such as a Field Approval, is required .