10-inch Tubeless Wheels & Brakes
With large 9.6" brake disc for better braking power and feel.
FAA-TSO Approved tubeless tire sizes:
8.50-10, 29x11.0-10 & H31x11.0-10
Kit Number 28-1027B 28-1028
Axle Size 1-1/2" 1-1/4"
Static Load Rating
per wheel
2,225 lbs. 1,800 lbs.
Kinetic Energy Rating
per wheel
264,547 ft-lb 247,000 ft-lb
Weight of one Wheel
and Brake Assembly
16.92 lbs. 15.96 lbs.
Kit Price for two Wheel
and Brake Assemblies
$4,499 $4,499
FAA STC approval for installation
on Piper PA-18 series and Cessna 180, 185
and 206 series aircraft is available.
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For installation in certified aircraft that are not currently included/named in the above STC,
further FAA approval, such as a Field Approval or STC is required..