Lancair 320/360 Wheel & Brake Upgrade
• Improved braking power
• Longer brake pad life
• Felt Dust Seals
• Dual piston calipers
Upgrade Kit includes wheels, brakes, axles and spacer.

The Standard and Outback use the same wheels but different axles. The Standard uses a P/N 5020 axle and the Outback uses a P/N 5021 axle.

Standard Upgrade Kit
For Models with 11.4 x 5 Tires
Alum Wheel Kit 56-516  $1,299
Mag Wheel Kit 56-616  $1,329

Outback Upgrade Kit
For Models with 500 x 5 Tires
Alum Wheel Kit 56-516OB $1,299
Mag Wheel Kit 56-616OB $1,329

Legacy Upgrade Kit
Alum Wheel Kit 57-124 $1,259
Mag Wheel Kit 57-224 $1,309

Nose Wheel Upgrade Kits for Lancair 320, 360 & Legacy

Kit includes wheel and adapter bushings. Use your existing, tire, tube and alxe hardware.
Adapter Bushing
Alum Wheel Kit 59-3A-LA  $389.00
Mag Wheel Kit 59-3M-LA  $419.00